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Website Listing on Google (On-Site SEO and Reporting)

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This service is exclusive to Company Partners clients hosting websites on WordPress.

Main Service Advantages:

(1) Your Business name will become searchable and visible on Google.
(2) Stay up to date with your Server Stats (If hosting directly with Company Partners).
(3) Our specialist will give you a Google Analytics Basic Overview.
(4) Website Security.
(5) Basic SEO and Score Rating.


Reports are sent up to 4 days after the end of the Month on request from the Client. (Click Here to view an example of how the Monthly Report looks).

Terms and conditions:

Our aim is to make your Business Name visible on a Google search. Kindly not that this service does not include the optimization of keywords and we can only do this for unique company names.

The report will consist of Server Stats and basic overview of your Google Analytics, for example number of visits to your website for the month.

We will create and upkeep a site map for your website.
We provide basic SEO on your website only. This involves optimizing content to meeting search engine standards.
Kindly note that we do not copyright and provide content. However, we do assist in adding the given content to your website and providing recommendations for additional content, for example testimonials.

We will do your website software updates, for example the latest version of WordPress. Should your website not be compatible with the latest version, we will provide a quote on updating your website to the latest version.

Price: R 1290 once-off
Timeframe: 10 days

Frequently asked questions

It takes about 48 hours for Google to start crawl and index your website.
No, this service does not include ranking and advertising. We can however provide a free consultation for advance SEO needed.

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