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E-commerce Setup (Online Shop)

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Main Advantages:

The most important elements are:

(1) A Professional Website to promote your products and services;
(2) Sell your products nationwide.
(3) Manage your shop yourself after the setup.
(4) Easy dashboard to edit products, stock levels.

Price: R8999 once-off
Timeframe: 7 days

Description and Specs:

1) 7 Pages
2) Social Links
3) 20 Main Products and the respective gallery images we will upload during the setup
4) Contact Form
5) Product stock levels, tax inclusions (content to be provided)
6) T&C and Privacy Policy Page Setup (Content to be provided)
7) Payment Gateway Integration
8) Security & web secure
9) Whatsapp Online chat widget included
10) Easy dashboard to manage products etc
11) Mobile responsive/user friendly
12) 30 Min Training on how to setup additional products.

See our examples below:

E-commerce Packages:

Basic E-commerce



Premium E-commerce



Custom Design

To be quoted


Frequently asked questions

No, hosting packages is separate to your web design. Hosting is needed in order to deploy your web design on your web address. the web design cannot be done without a hosting package.

Yes, you may manage your own website.

Yes, however additional upgrade requests will be reviewed where a feedback will be provided in terms of costs, timeframe etc. 

Yes we do, let’s chat and advise where we can assist and what the cost will be. 

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